ShitNoise is a Monegasque noise rock and dance punk band from Monte-Carlo (Monaco). Formed in February 2022, the band currently consists of Aleksejs Macions on vocals and guitar, Vova Dictor on guitar and Paul Albouy on drums.

Formation and early work (2022)

In the beginning, ShitNoise was made up of Alexandre Michel on guitar and Aleksejs Macions on vocals and drums. They met at the Centre Culturel Prince Jacques in Beausoleil on February 26th 2022 and that's where they wrote and recorded, between February and May 2022, their first song "Hazardous Bitch" (published on May 20, 2022) with a b-side "Deal With It" (published on November 10, 2022, which was written for the national day against bullying). Fun fact: "Hazardous Bitch" used to be called "Shit Noise" (hence the band name) as a placeholder, then "Hazardous", and finally "Hazardous Bitch"!

On June 6, 2022, they released the "Shit City" EP, recorded between May and June 2022, where they introduced Rebecca Bartocci Mesa to the band. The EP showcases their distinctive style, blending noise rock, dance punk and electronic music elements. The band released a single, entitled "Mustard Dessert", to promote the EP.

ShitNoise was also well known for its several covers, but also for their tutorial "How To Be Noise Rock" which became quite popular on YouTube.

Moments Before Drowning (2023)

In October of 2023, ShitNoise released several slideshows, at home or in the studio, showing that they were recording new songs. On April 23, 2023, the band released their debut album "Moments Before Drowning", recorded between June 2022 and December 2022, the same day as Aleksejs Macions' birthday. At that time, Alexandre Michel left the band for personal reasons. He is replaced by Tim Aringazi. ShitNoise released four singles to promote the album: "Seasoning", "Ring Around The Rosie", "The Weirdo Song" and "Ass Swell". They then released two videos for two songs from the album: "My Fucking Perfection" and "Underwater".

The band also released a song, entitled "I Bought A Hat", on the compilation "No Money Noise". A few days later, they released this song on their channel with a b-side, "Gave A Fuck". They then released the official music video to promote the b-side. Both songs were recorded between December 2022 and April 2023.

They also wrote a song with the experimental hip-hop group Past Aliens, called "Gun Gone."

As well as a song with the Latvian grindcore band Burn And Leave The Rest, called "The Sky Has A Hole In It, Totally Normal".

Good Luck (Welcome To Hell) (2023-2024)

On July 14, 2023, ShitNoise released a video on their YouTube channel, entitled "I had this dream lately, where I was in a car with my father". The video shows a person who, in the Photopea software, was drawing a leaf. The sheet is then printed and the video ends with the text "2024" in bold. The band then published, a few days later, a video where they played a new song live (for the first time), entitled "Teachers", in an "unplugged" (acoustic) version, with a new member of the band, Paul Albouy, on drums.

On August 1, 2023, ShitNoise joined the American label Electronauts Records.

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On October 3, 2023, ShitNoise announced their new album "Good Luck (Welcome To Hell)", with four singles being released to support the new album, "Feeling Ungwee", "Teachers", "Cowboys In Shorts" and "Animal Farm", and videos for other songs from the album, "Distortion Abortion" and "Cats On Steroids", as well as new merch. This album has a much more personnal narrative, lyric-wise. Although the band had demos and ideas between April and June 2023, the album was fully recorded ("professionally") in 4 days.

The album release also marked the departure of Tim Aringazi due to personal reasons.

I Cocked My Gun And Shot My Best Friend (2024)

After some shows promoting "Good Luck (Welcome To Hell)", ShitNoise started posting teasers and posts for future material, as well as showcasing new material live. On July 13th, they officialy announced their third studio album "I Cocked My Gun And Shot My Best Friend", out on September 11th 2024. It was a very different album from their previous releases; this is the album where they started experimenting with different genres, this album being a Grunge-influenced record.

The first single of this album is Brown Morning.


Their inspirations include Gilla Band, IDLES, Viagra Boys, Daughters, The Locust, Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lovejoy, The Sonics, Lightning Bolt, M(h)aol, The Blood Brothers, Death Grips, Daft Punk and Död Mark!

Other projects

Aleksejs Macions is/was also part of several other musical projects, such as Burn And Leave The Rest (latvian hardcore band), Chasse Aux Hiboux (monegasque rock project) and Past Aliens (latvian experimental/industrial hip-hop/phonk band). He also has a solo project where he makes electronic music.